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You're Probably Wondering How I Got Here...

Hi Everyone!

To those who don't know me, my name is Lauren and I am a professional Musical Theatre performer A little over a year ago in the early Spring of 2019, I finally admitted to myself a fact that I had been avoiding for a long time - living in New York City was no longer for me. After 5 years of ups and downs, I accepted the fact that I had to take the plunge and trust my gut. I had been prioritizing my career over my mental and emotional health for years which resulted in stagnation, depression, and lack of motivation in both my personal and professional life.

That's me! Sometimes you just gotta feel yourself, right?

Upon making this decision, I held a lot of shame inside me because I was so entrenched in the mindset of "New York or Nowhere," that I felt that I was giving up and therefore failing at my goals. That combined with not wanting to be judged by my peers for making this choice caused me to leave the city and basically not tell ANYONE. I told a few people who I felt should know and then I just told people on a need to know basis for the next year.

A year later, I am living in a small town in SW Virginia where a theatre I work at often is based. I am lighter, full of joy, and so grateful I decided to take the plunge and trust my gut. I feel so confident in my choice and I have seen how lovely my life can be when I stopped forcing something that wasn't right.

My hope with this blog is to reach other actors who may be going through similar situations to know that they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. You'll slowly find out more about my story as well as tips and tricks I have picked up for prioritizing happiness in your life, listening to your gut, and even how I manage to bring the elements I miss of big city life to small town living.

In general, I am a pretty private person on the internet and social media. However, the growth I have experienced this past year has been indispensable, and if I can connect with someone and help them through a dark time, then it all will be worth it!

I look forward to having you join me on my journey!

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